Board Members

The NYSCAA Board of Directors is made up of dedicated individuals from NYSCAA member agencies. Most board members are Executive Directors of local CAAs and others are key CAA staff representing  NYSWDA, NYSCAA’s partner organization.


  • Laura Rossman, President
  • Lindy Glennon, Vice President
  • Denis Wilson, Treasurer
  • Debra Schimpf, Secretary

NYSWDA Representative:

  • Joseph Maggiore

At Large:

  • Maureen Abbott
  • Neenah Bland
  • Mike Bobbit
  • Lesley Christman
  • Janelle Cooper
  • Diane Cooper-Currier
  • Lee A. Dillon
  • Ed Fancher
  • Melinda Gault
  • Dan Maskin
  • Laurie Piccolo
  • Naimah Sierra
  • Tina Sharpe
  • Elizabeth Carlton Spira
  • Amy Turner
  • Tina Zerbian