Learning Resource Center

The Community Action Partnership developed the Learning Communities Resource Center (LCRC) as a peer learning model where Community Action professionals assist each other with strategies to improve Community Action outcomes.  Below are the five cluster groups focused on poverty-related topics:

  1. Decreasing Family Homelessness – Increasing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods, and expanding shelter supports and other services leading to home ownership.
  2.  Increasing Financial Empowerment for Families РDesigning strategies to help families with low and moderate incomes stabilize their financial lives and rise above poverty.
  3. Increasing Organizational Capacity – Identifying vulnerable areas within your organization and acquiring practical tools to improve the functioning of boards.
  4. Utilizing Place-Based Strategies – Developing and/or obtaining tools and resources to transform neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into neighborhoods of opportunity that support the optimal development and well-being of children and families.
  5. Bundling Services to Improve Outcomes – Affirming the existence of comprehensive, bundled services in the Network and identifying which bundle of services are most impactful for serving low-income families.